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The Mayflower Charity Foundation for Children

The Mayflower Charity Foundation is Sweden’s largest children's aid organisation. Our aim is to improve the situation for children in Sweden and to fight child poverty. Our vision is that children should have the right to participate on equal terms with their friends both in school and in their spare time.

The Mayflower Foundation has more than 650 non-profit local associations all over Sweden that give financial aid to children from vulnerable groups in the community. Every year in April, children between 9 and 12 years, have a chance to participate in the Mayflower Foundation's activities by selling mayflowers. (Each year the little paper flower comes in a new colour). The revenue from this activity is the base for all of the organisation's charity work. 

This tradition datea back to 1907, when the mayflower was invented by Mrs Beda Hallberg from Göteborg. Her simple but brilliant idea was that everyone could contribute by buying the small flowers from children – Children helping children.

The Mayflower Faoundation also gives contributions to research projects in the area of children's health. Another important goal for us is to offer an alternative summer vacation for children at the Galtarö summer camp, north of Göteborg.

To get in contact with your local Mayflower organisation please contact the Mayflower Foundation head office in Göteborg. You can also contact the health care at your school to find out more about the possibility to get a contribution from The Mayflower Charity Foundation.

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